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One who has extreme skill at paintball, very hard to eliminate, or as the letters and number symbolize "hard to kill". This term originated from the depths of paintball in the SO Mich.
Ollie Lang was H2K but then he played for ironmen and dynasty rolled him.
by mklett33 April 21, 2006
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H2K stands for Hard 2 Kill. Also, it's a clothing line/design company created by Toledo, OH native, Carl Markowski, a professional paintball player. Although a lot of H2K gear got sold to fellow paintball players and whatnot, it's not JUST for paintballers.
Man, that new H2K shirt is SICK!
by herro17 February 03, 2010
another name for keystone light because it nearly tastes like water
Hey dude we need to drink more of the h2k
by Samadamsloyalty March 27, 2008

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