A nicname for the village of Harwood Heights
You leave in Norridge? Naw man, I live In H squared.
by Crazy Angel June 20, 2007
A fly and innovative company founded by BigWormCity of the UNB's and Double A of the Halversonian Institute.
H Squared dominated the market and quickly became a Fortune 500 company.
by Halvis Johnson February 04, 2008
to be horny and hyper at the same time
Leah: cody what is the matter with you tonight !
Cody: im so h squared ! i wanna bang u so bad!
by leahhhhhhhhhh12345 January 21, 2008
Hot N Horny Baby! (H to the second power)
Damn, I am so H-Squared... I am ready to ravage you, so take off your mutha-fuckin' clothes!
by Kristin February 19, 2004

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