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Instead of using Ok or simply K (making you sound like a stuck up fuck), the word H'ok shows that you are an intelligent, confident, Charlie Sheen like, ecstatic, boneriffic, enlivening, sophisticated, miraculous, intriguing, universal, nifty, zany, pretty, mellow, chill, Kid Cudi-ish, Fuckable, vigorous, heroic, gorgeous, kingly, refreshing, glorious, heavenly, inquisitive, invigorating, rapturous, victorious, zestful, awesome, someone of a person.
Girl: Hey, wanna go my Nana's funeral
Boy: H'ok
Girl: (in her head) *Omg i wanna bang him so bad*
Boy: Tits
by Danimal2012 July 11, 2011
A mythical Jewish warrior from ancient times. It is rumored that the Great H'ok will come to Earth in the form of a shrew and save all of mind kind.
The almights H'ok has come! ALAS! H'ok! We will be saved!
by Alfred Lacaro January 09, 2008
a person, usually a teenage girl who talks unnaturally often and fast
wow, that brooklyn sure is a hok!
by fortunecookie19 December 09, 2009
hok hook hokay h'okay

Basically a person saying "Okay" or "Ok" but with the "h" sound at the beginning to show the person is breathing the word. In most cases it gives the idea the person saying it is tired, bored, disappointed, relaxed etc.
"Sorry, I can't come to your party"

"I'll give you the book tomorrow"
"Yup... H'ok"
by MrSmithy June 15, 2007
Sexual activities
I want to have hot HOK with you
by Rebme December 04, 2003
n.Used when questioning the safety and availability of using illicit drugs, at that time, in the company of non-users. Also SEE Hokey Pokey
man #1 - S'all H'ok? (sounds like 'Is all OK?')

man #2 - Yeah. It's good. C'mere! Let's go over that ...thing we needed to talk about. (while heading toward the door and fumbling for the hitter box)

- OR -

man #2 - No.(sounding like he has a headache meaning he couldn't find any)

- OR -

man #2 - No.(sounding like he's disappointed meaning the straight's proximity is way too close and evasive action might need to be taken)
by Nomaddamon September 23, 2007
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