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H: referring to Hookah.
Man, lets go smoke some H.
by lilpinkprincess May 28, 2008
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A slang term for heroin. Other terms that mean the same include Horse, Smack, Junk, Skunk, Mud, etc.
Hey motherfucker, you got the H?
by Samantha July 01, 2003
888 333
Japanese slung for "SEX" Many Japanese girls tend to use this word instead of sex because the sound of "H" is much pretier than sex, also it is easy to say.
"H shiyo!" means "Let's have a SEX!"
by H December 14, 2004
683 377
The symbol for hydrogen-the lightest and most abundant element in the universe.
Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. It is represented by the letter H.
by stan21 October 28, 2006
405 192
The note after "G" on the piano according to some fuckin retards.
Whoa, you have to play a pretty high "H" in this song man.
by Nick July 25, 2003
484 316
the letter "h", what the fuck else would it be?
let's go onto urban dictionary and see what weird definitions for the letters of the alphabet! we shall start with the letter "H"
by 32isAnumber August 16, 2010
250 142
used by gangsters when claiming they are so "bad" that they exceed other "g's".
I'm so G, i'm H
by THEOverlordofG's March 29, 2010
131 76
The middle initial of Jesus Christ, short for "Hector". The middle initial is seldom embarked, unless one is particularly furious, in which case one might invoke the power of Jesus H Christ rather than having God damn the applicable subject.
Ted: Did you see the size of that ass?

Ralph: Jesus H Fucking Christ!
by Kate Sjostrand February 20, 2008
206 159