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H. is an AEnima song by Tool. Track 3 off of Aenima, with a length of 6:07 minutes long.
H. is pretty appealing to any Metal fan out there.
by Brett1014 June 30, 2006
63 18
The letter 'H' is pronounced in slang as 'hayche', this has become common place and now everyone uses it, which is completely incorrect. The letter 'H' should properly be pronounced as 'ayche'.
Using the letter 'H' pronouced properly you would say 'NHS' (N-'ayche'-S).

Not N-'hayche'-S!
by Language-Monster October 11, 2010
47 35
heroin or morphine; William Burroughs, in his book, "Junky," frequently referred to dope as H. as a way of blanding down his subject linguistically. Burroughs had an enormous influence on the Beat generation.
I waited on the corner for Chuy to show up with the H.
by LoDezz July 01, 2006
29 18
Secret code for someones name. Most likely a code used between 2 girls, when they talk about the guy one of them likes. This code is often the first letter of the guy's name.
"Have you seen H today?"
"No, he's absent"
"Did you ever ask if he likes me?"
"Why don't you talk to him instead?"
by SomeRandomPersonLikeYou December 27, 2013
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The space between the legs of an attractive lady at the top of the legs, closest to the cooter. Usually means the girl has wider, "child-bearing" hips.
James - Dude, check out the H on that chick wearing the yoga pants...

Frank - sweet. You can fit a truck up in there - hot.
by wode August 03, 2010
35 39
Someone or something that has exceeded being a G (gangster)
"I'm so G, I'm H"
by DeniezyG March 13, 2009
14 20
happy, hot, horny, or a combination of the 3, depending on the situation.
Hi my name is Kaley. I'm so h.
by Katie Radville March 02, 2008
22 28