A term typically used in describing someone with a phobia of girls/women.
"Hannah Elizabeth Sims suffers from gynophobia...she refuses to 'touch' girls at any time"
by LisaR92 May 26, 2008
The erasure of adult human females as a biological sex class. Referring to women only by gender thus erasing womens shared physical experiences of puberty, menstruation, pediatrics, gynocology, menopause, and sex based discrimination.
Person A: genitals and reproductive organs have nothing to do with being a woman
Person B: That's classic gynophobia to ignore female biology as an important part of womens experience and the very basis of sex discrimination.

Gynophobic Gynoappropriation
by Bastet1 August 02, 2016
1)Fear of women.
3)Guys that are probably gay.
Gynophobia, if you have this fear.. you are jacked up.
by Itachi February 13, 2005
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