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Someone who goes to the gym too much. Usually this person has developed intense shoulder and neck muscles, making them look and walk like an ape or monkey. See also: gympanzee...
Clay: Yo did you just see that gymp over there.
Alan: Yeah, he's always here.
Clay: Uh oh, looks like he's walking over to that girl you've been trying to get with...
Alan: Dude, she's not into monkeys...
by evo star July 02, 2011
A person who spends way too much time in the gym.
You seen Nathan?
Nope but I can guess where he´s at.The gym.
He´s become a total Gymp.
by Heimir Han January 11, 2009
Alternate spelling for "gimp"
by Pymp November 01, 2003
can refer to anything when used as a noun in a sentence structure; ambiguous meaning

pronounced: /gemp/
usage: noun
I'm so toasted... where's the ... uh... the... uh... the gymp?

Here's the gymp!
by budious February 09, 2007