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A person who spends way too much time in the gym.
You seen Nathan?
Nope but I can guess where he´s at.The gym.
He´s become a total Gymp.
by Heimir Han January 11, 2009
Alternate spelling for "gimp"
by Pymp November 01, 2003
Someone who goes to the gym too much. Usually this person has developed intense shoulder and neck muscles, making them look and walk like an ape or monkey. See also: gympanzee...
Clay: Yo did you just see that gymp over there.
Alan: Yeah, he's always here.
Clay: Uh oh, looks like he's walking over to that girl you've been trying to get with...
Alan: Dude, she's not into monkeys...
by evo star July 02, 2011
can refer to anything when used as a noun in a sentence structure; ambiguous meaning

pronounced: /gemp/
usage: noun
I'm so toasted... where's the ... uh... the... uh... the gymp?

Here's the gymp!
by budious February 09, 2007
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