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A person who knows everything better then you.

Or the feeling you get when your in love/ sexy

And/Or a "punky" person
1. Wow, they are such a Wynnie about electronics.

2. "I'm soo Wynnie(d) by you."/ "oww, she is such a Wynnie."

3. With those fishnets and studded belt, you could be a real Wynnie
by Scarlet89 December 30, 2007
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a social rapist.....likes to hang out with other religious or even racial minorities because everyone else rejects him/her
person1 'i noticed that guy waas here again'
person 2 ' yeahh i knoww..i heard he is a wynnie?!'
person 1 'lol'
by gottalovedemwynnies June 10, 2009
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