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An abnormally long, thin, little shaft of a dick. Entire package includes oversized, veiny gonads with an accompaning stretchy, elastic scrotal sack and scattered pubic hair that grows and sheds without notice. This shedding can cause tingling sensations and growth of extremely curly hair on top of the head.
John Leonard III has an extremely out of proportion gwin. Researchers have diagnosed Trey as having one of the ugliest, most extreme gwins in the history of mankind.
by Ensign Leo May 21, 2008
A set of twins that are both gay.
Hayden and Randy are the cutest gwins.
by White-Heart March 22, 2013
Gwin- this is a word often used by students to make sure they dont waste prescious time saying another sylable but the word still sounds the same, (go in) in this case. Similiar words sasday and swanyways
by christopher Lynch January 27, 2005