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The male form of a hymen. They do not actually exist, but the word may be used as a symbol of male virginity.
I lost my virginity to my girlfriend this weekend. She broke my guymen
by rogerthewhale November 30, 2010
A male's virginity. It's a metaphor rather than actual anatomical part. Male's who have lost their guymen are generally more confident and outgoing, though this is not always the case.
"Dude, Frank lost his guymen"

"His what?

"His virginity bro"

"Oh, to who?"

"To whom"


"Yeah, it is *to whom*, as that is the correct way to ask *who* after a preposition. Whom is the correct word"

"Oh right sorry no prob... to whom?"

"Your mom"
by cuntsmellersinc August 25, 2009
1. commonly used to describe an open-minded male's anal virginity. literally, guy + hymen.

2. can also be used to describe a not-straight dude's oral virginity, but only when said dude tries to huff a wang that is hopelessly too big for his mouth.
"Dude, why're you walking so funny?"
"I went horseback riding without a saddle and I think I broke my guymen..."

When he gagged and threw up his lunch all over the Persian rug, he knew that something had gone horribly wrong: his guymen had been ruthlessly taken away from him.
by LBT September 20, 2007
A Man who is a top don, loved by many,

Has no enemies, no rivals, has Swag

Just the main man...
Just that Guy Man.
I am a GuyMan...
Izzy is the only GuyMan round here!
by JBThomas August 24, 2011
The extended virginity for the male of the species. "Breaking the Guymen" is the term for loss of said virginity.
Dude finally broke his guymen, everyone thought he was going to star in 40 y/o virgin II.
by Baldyeaglehead April 01, 2011
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