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1. any item of food, beverage, or other item presently in one's mouth that prevents one from speaking correctly, etc.

2. a spontaneaus post-coital expression of delight; wah-wa-we-waa, guyar good!

3. a 30 year old lawyer employed by Byron Crave, LLP: "oh, you need an associate willing to work all night? Guyar good."

4. any athletic endeavor: guyar good.

5. short for 'it was': guyar good.

So, after my run I was like "guyar good" but now I am depressed because I just got a phone call saying, "Guyar, I am going to need you to work for the next 56 hours straight," and since I was eating an apple, I'll I could say was "guyar."
by LynnTraverse December 19, 2006
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