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Gutteridge is the surname of Posh-Gone-Bad.

Usually from pretencious little villages like Uxbridge, or Blowjob-on-Thames, Gutteridge drives foreign cars and think they're cool!

Whilst they do have their flaws, they are unquestionably Legends. They have skills in life and work and are able to do a terrific line-dance whilst wearing an animal suit. They particularly look good as Kanagaroo's!
Man 1 - "Whoa - Isn't that Gutteridge."
Man 2 - "Ya know Frank, I tihnk it is."
Man 1 - "Boy he makes that Kangaroo costume look good."
Man 2 - "Totes Amazeballs.... Oh look - He's driving off dressed a Kangaroo in his Renault Clio."
Man 3 (running down the road after the departing car) - "I WANT TO BE A GUTTERIDGE TOOOOOOOOO".
Man1 & Man 2 "AND USSSSSSSS."
by Affy June 10, 2013
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