hot, tight, cool,
y i gotz to get me these sneakers... they gutta
by Kathryn April 19, 2003
Top Definition
something that is very gangster
Yo that kid is Gutta.
by jay-tek December 03, 2002
Means really gangsta

Also short for gutter
Yo man, those niggaz is gutta fo' sho'
by Saturated1 May 25, 2005
ghetto or hood or gangsta
Look at his shoes!!!!, them shits is so gutta
by TravisRod July 17, 2006
1. A slang word meaning, "ghetto" or "hood"

2. Ace Hood's rap album released in 2008
1. He's straight out the Gutta

2. I am listening to Ace Hood's new album Gutta.
by Puvar January 05, 2009
Some on who has grown up in da ghetto and has grown to become a real goon,thug,gangsta
Man 1*cris from da 84 street projects and was broke

man 2*now he gone gutta pissed so he put in dat work and is robbin suckaz for money

Man 1*oh shit here he come!
by Young Teck March 05, 2008
Str8^ gangsta. Too gangsta for most gangstas to handle.

Jay-Z's lyrics are gutta for real.
Ice all up in da grill is so fresh, so clean and so gutta.

Thems _____ is so gutta.

FUPAs are not gutta, they nasty!
by Desh September 12, 2007
hood or gangsta
e.a.r.z...he is so gutta
by buckychick April 26, 2009
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