verb: to gutrot.

To level up from 1-60 in World of Warcraft, without any gear or armor.
"I gutrotted to 60 in 12 days played time".
"Go gutrot you epic noob"
"You're a noob, until you've gutrotted"
by Jelle March 04, 2007
A very serious stomach ache that is the result of bad food or prior malt liquor consumption that occurs just before a sloppy case shitting.
Gary: Hey Crid why do you look like someone kicked you in the balls?

Crid: Because, I have Gut Rot from Terry's tacos I ate yesterday.
by Cridis shortstacked December 03, 2007
Hapens after you drink too much beer.
The next morning.
"Ouch, my stomach hurts." said sally
well, explained gary "If you didn't drink all that Colt 45 you wouldn't have gut rot."
by Caroline May 31, 2003
The thing you get after eating at Taco Bell
Lesley and Elena are walking down Yonge Street to grab a bite. Lesley points at a resturant and asks Elena if she has ever been there. Elena says she has, and Lesley says "it gives me gut rot".
by Kookie Kutter May 22, 2009
When you have so much gas in your stomach from that coffee you just drank, It feels like your guts a cheese factory and then when the cheese is done you get great relief as the aroma passes out your ass and sticks to your pants making them cold as they displace the oxygen in the air.
"Oh man this fucking hurts i just got gut rot let me lay down on my left side and finish this job''!
Or "crohns''
by Fartman2 September 07, 2008
A painful sensation in the "gut", happens most frequently to those addicted to coffee and cola.
After the third Venti (TM) Americano (TM), Todd doubled over and clutched his stomach. "Gut rot!" he hissed.
by 0x15 January 15, 2004
When you haven't eaten anything in a long period of time, and your stomach churns and aches because it is empty. Feels like nausea, but nothing to throw up.
Person #1: "Have you eaten anything today?"
Person #2: "No, I've got some serious gut rot going on."
by black bear April 08, 2006

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