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Is an expression for someone who is really anticipating something or an expression of extreme happiness and euphoria.
Hold up man, I'll be there in five minutes. I see your super gurst to smoke bro.
by birdman JD March 09, 2011
v. To Gush and Burst simultaneously - an expression of extreme happiness, euphoria, energy, and joy of life. Generally associated with new love, melted cooking chocolate on a spoon, and thunderstorms.

Can be readily observed in any newlywed or recently joined couples. Elevated feelings of euphoria associated with gursting can overflow into a tendency to making risque remarks that would otherwise be out of character.
I've been gursting so much recently, I even managed to kiss the mother-in-law. And hey, I even enjoyed it!
by not.wysiwyg January 18, 2006
Anything that is or can be contained in a fanny pack.
Among his gurst was a water bottle.
by Razgriz_166 April 28, 2009