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To freeload (in the sense of taking something and giving nothing in return) and loaf (in the sense of lying about doing nothing).

In a general sense, what teenagers do between the time they finish school and getting their first gainful employment.
"That freeloafing son of mine does nothing except party all night, sleep all day, eat the refridgerator bare and borrow the car."
by not.wysiwyg April 22, 2006
v. To Gush and Burst simultaneously - an expression of extreme happiness, euphoria, energy, and joy of life. Generally associated with new love, melted cooking chocolate on a spoon, and thunderstorms.

Can be readily observed in any newlywed or recently joined couples. Elevated feelings of euphoria associated with gursting can overflow into a tendency to making risque remarks that would otherwise be out of character.
I've been gursting so much recently, I even managed to kiss the mother-in-law. And hey, I even enjoyed it!
by not.wysiwyg January 18, 2006
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