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A beast that cannot be stopped. A person with an extremely ripped body and won't stop there.
Girl 1:OMG look at that Gurpal, he is such a hunk.

Girl 2:Look at Gurpal go he won't stop even if I put brakes on him.
by TuttiLaal December 29, 2011
An element first discovered in January 1984. This element has various properties; can be very volatile when mixed with the chemical, JD#7; can become very sarcastic when exposed to stupidity; and becomes quite relaxed and smooth when rubbed against the element, 'womaninium'.

The element was named after its discovery by a young Indian boy, Gurpalinderpal Singh.
I wouldn't touch Gurpal, it's rather volatile because we've exposed it to JD#7.
by Gurp_001 December 05, 2010
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