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A woman that can get any boy she wants,a bit too much for what a fella would want from a girl. Loveable,caring and knows how to cheer up people in their worst moods. Gorgeous model with an amazing body usually.Athletic and flexible
She's bangable

Yeh that's Guoda?
by telletubby December 29, 2011
Hottest girl ever,banging body,great personality
Guoda is hot
by bnmaajajja December 27, 2011
The wife of Sebastian Stan.
Who was Guoda with?

Well her husband of course, Sebastian.
by kokonas September 07, 2014
A blonde skank that i fucked on my basement couch while my brother was home
Thanks man for bringing that alcohol I totally got in Guoda's pants!
by Vinnysance October 27, 2011

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