the most overrated rock band EVER.

They took a drug addict lead singer and sung about love and won over the heart of millions of retards. A true rock band? i think NOT

shit... along with Nirvana
Guns N Roses arent fit to lick ass!
by DiamondSerpant March 26, 2007
Worst band of the entire 80's!!!!
And that's saying something because the 80's sucked Satan's balls!!!!!!
by Mogar February 19, 2005
A sub-par band that was made signifigantly more awful by their values of racism and sexism.

Attempted to beat up real musicians who addressed real issues such as Kurt Cobain. Has been seen telling Kurt to "shut his bitch up" and played music/made statements involving horrid racism.

Started a battle in high schools between Nirvana and Guns N Roses.

Not really a good band anyway.
I was listening to Guns N Roses until I realized I had some human decency.
by MrFishie April 02, 2005
My ex-staff(and possible boyfriend)'s favorite band
Joe is a big Guns N Roses fan. His favorite member is Slash, which is one of the reasons he played guitar before giving it up because of coordination issues. I don't know what he saw in them, but every time I hear a Guns N Roses song, I think of him.
by Karen Stickney November 12, 2006
An OK (JUST OK PEOPLE) band with a HORRIBLE UNTALENTED BOTOX-FACED SINGER. It's extremely overrated, the musicians are OK, but Axl Rose has this stupid huge EGO and he's arrogant as shit. He ruined his face too. The "best" song they did was "Sweet Child o' Mine", it was a great song till the guy started singing. He ruined it.
Fuck AXL. You should rot in hell. You bitch. Die. I sing better than you.
by Spoonix January 12, 2005
The most OVERRATED band ever!
I can't decide which is cheesier:

Guns N' Roses
Bon Jovi
Motley Crue
Kid Rock
Def Leppard

Those bands are so cheesy that Whitesnake is better than all of them.
Adrian Vandenberg or Vai (both were in Whitesnake) alone prove my point.Plus David Coverdale,cheesy though he may be,could sing better than any of those band's singers.
by Mayor McCheese November 27, 2004
Those other defintions suck ass
Guns n Roses: a Hard Rock band in the formed in 1985. Had a like mutation band thingy called hollywood rose(?). Anyway they are still around but they have a different lead guiatrist and bassist. They look like bogans especially axl the singer.(mullet long hair thing) Their whole lifestyle was killed by grunge *stares at Nirvana* who made the 80's rockstar life look artifical.
take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...(Paradise City from album Appetite for destruction)
by justaGNRfan January 15, 2004

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