Endlessly introspective rock group of the late 80s' early 90s'. One of my personal favourites. Produced great rock ballad 'sweet child of mine'. Also recorded unforgetable rock tunes such as 'welcome to the jungle' and 'paradise city' and 'madagascar'. Also made epic videos such as 'estranged' and 'november rain'. Fans eagerly await the release of 'Chinese Democracy'. The overdue and over budget album which showcase the brand new gn'r line up, which features just two original members, Axl and Dizzy.
Your daddy works in porno,
Now that mummys not around,
She used to love her heroine,
but now shes underground,
so you stay up late at night,
and do your dope for free,
Driving your friends crazy with your life insanity,

-My Michelle
by A Metaphor for Paranoia January 07, 2005
Guns N Roses where and still are the greatest rock N roll band of all time they brought rock N roll main stream again. They did what they wanted said what the wanted and took nothing from anyone, They have the biggest debut album ever and consist of 5 multi talented individuals who toghter are everything and apart are nothing. The band consisted of Axl Rose (lead Singer) Slash (lead Gutair player) Duff Mcagen (bass Player) Izzy Stradlin (rythem gutiar) and Steven Alder (drums)
They had amazing songs such as Estranged , Coma , Welcome to the jungle and sweet child O mine.
by Rose_06 July 12, 2005
Great rock n roll band of the late 80's and early 90's, blahblahblah. Basically kicked makeup hair metal bands in the ass with straight out rock n roll, not some GLAM OMFG!!1 But, it ended, cuz basically Axl pissed everybody off in the band and they left. Now, Velvet Revolver.
GNR was great
Nighttrain, Out Ta Get Me, Civil War, 14 Years, blah blah blah
Then Axl became a control freak, took over the rights for the name of the band, and he threw out ballads like November Rain, Don't Cry, blahblah.
The rest of the band didnt like it.
by TruthSpeaker August 04, 2004
There seems to be some confusion as to this whole Guns N Roses thing.

1. Guns N' Roses were NOT hair metal. Or if they were they were so far ahead of the rest of that scene they were barely in it

2) Axl was/is not a druggy. The rest of the band yes...but not Axl. Any tool knows that

3) Whats all this Nirvana comparison about. Did they write songs that were at all similar to each other? No...so stop it before I start comparing Mozart to Megadeth...

4) Guns N' Roses (original line up) was in no way manufactured. Since Axl went dolally then yes as they have to pass his rather bizarre entry standards (KFC bucket on your head anyone??).

Hope that clears things up for a few people.
Guns N' Roses...in no way like Nirvana...fact
by Geoff the Beard July 10, 2008
Okay, so GNR truely is the greatest classic rock band ever, next to Led Zeppelin, with a bad ass reputaion. Now seeing as to the fact that they have the biggest asshole (next to my ex-boyfriend) in the world for a lead singer, they were hated by many, many people, such as my parents. I love them, partialy because the love of my life sang Sweet Child for me one day when i was horrified of life. But yes, back to the point, Guns n' Roses. I love them with the majority of my heart and wished that they had stayed together...
Dude! WTF do you mean? you've never heard of guns n' roses? you oughta be shot! jk jk
by theloveoryourlife August 28, 2006
Axl Rose, Slash, Duff Mckagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler

thats what Guns N' Roses is.
Aww man Appetite For Destruction is Great! thats what i call Guns N' Roses

What the fuck chinese democracy isnt Guns N' Roses! ITS SHIT!
by GNR lover April 12, 2009
Briljant 80s rock band. Members, and former members include

Axl Rose - Vocals; judging by other definitions, he broke up the band?
Slash - Guitar god. One of, if not the best guitarist ever
Steve Alder - Drums
Buckethead - Guitarist. No, i didnt know for a long time either. I haven't been a fan for that long though.
Izzy Stradlin - Rythym guitar.
Duff McKagan - Bass

These were NOT in the band at the same time and the members were way more than this. There was double the amount above (Axl...)

They did some great songs includin

Sweet Child O Mine
Welcome to the Jungle
Knockin on Heaven's Door
November Rain
Paradise City
Don't Cry

Appetite For Destruction
GNR Lies
Use Your Illusion I
Use Your Illusion II
The Spaghetti Incident?
Chinese Democracy which still hasnt been released

Slash cannot be beaten for his shredding.

All hail Guns n' Roses
by Leeko22Arsenal February 12, 2008
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