Top Definition
A girl who loves to straddle the cock.
That girl Elise, she's just a rocket queen.
by Steve July 16, 2004
a fucking sexy Guns n Roses song
here i am, and you're a rocket queen, i might be a little young but honey i aint naive
by Laurakkkkkk September 07, 2007
A very sexually attractive female that is even more charming and promiscuous than the other beautiful girls around her. Sexier than a typical rocket which is saying quite a lot.

Derived from the Guns N' Roses song Rocket Queen
Jon: Holy shit, look at those smoking hot bitches that just walked in!
Mel: No kidding! The one on the left is the hottest one in here.
Jon: You are right, she is a rocket queen!
by Mikey Two Guns July 27, 2010
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