An hard-rock/heavy metal group popular in the late 80's into the early 90's. Known world-wide and extremely popular in the US and UK. Toured Worldwide including Australia and Japan for their Use Your Illusion Tour. Original members include Axl Rose (singer), Slash (lead guitar), Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitar), Duff McKagan (bass) and Steven Adler (drums). Drummer was later replaced by Matt Sorum and pianist Dizzy Reed was introduced for the Use Your Illusion albums.
Guns N' Roses rock hard.
by Michael June 30, 2003
One of the best rock bands ever. When Appetite for Destruction, their first and best album was released, they consisted of:
W. Axl Rose: Vocals
Slash: Lead Guitar
Izzy Stradlin: Rhythm Guitar
Duff McKagan: Bass
Steven Adler: Drums

They were also extremely badass.
Guns N' Roses are awesome. Even their name rocks.
by Lupus September 21, 2004
The Best band ever. Result of two bands. La Guns and Hollywood Roses. Ever hear of a "guitar" ? Listen to GNR to find out how it should sound. Featuring lead guitarist "Slash" - legend.
Ferg says Guns N Roses are the best F**king band in the world !
by Lorcan September 29, 2005
One Of The Greatest bands in the 80's and titled " the most dangerous band in the world!"
the fucking best band in the metal world!
by __GNR__7__GNR___ July 24, 2005
one of the greatest rock bands in the history of the universe along beside moterhead
iron maiden
we sallute you all!
"ROCK good drum and base and all related parafenalia = shite bad"
by guns n' roses rock February 07, 2004
One of the greatest butt metal bands of all time. 80's, great.
Dude i'm going to the Guns 'n roses show! Sick!
by kent May 11, 2003
Pure Musical Genius's
Don't Damn me When I Speak a Piece of Mind, cause silence isn't golden when i'm holdin' it inside.
by Miles Away July 14, 2005
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