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A REAL rock band. Unfortunately some people listen to a single song and say they suck, but you're wrong.
Over 9.6 million Guns 'n' Roses fans CAN'T be wrong!
by csgasser May 11, 2005
Previously, the worlds fastest motorbike was the Honda Blackbird, then Suzuki made the Hayabusa (Now the fastest and classiest superbike in production), giving it this name because the Hayabusa is a Japanese bird of prey which preys on blackbirds.
0-60: 2.6 secs, 0-100: 5.6 secs. Stock. Beat THAT Honda!
by csgasser May 30, 2005
One of the greatest singers (if not the greatest) ever born. My idol, 'cos he is a great singer, he lost his virginity at the age of 12 (beat me by 2 years) and is a brilliant person. Women want him and men want to be like him/ want him.
Californication, Under The Bridge, Can't Stop. Need I say more?
by csgasser May 30, 2005

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