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verb: To conceal an object within a bra for secure transportation and easy personal retrieval.
With pants that were skin-tight, and no desire to carry a purse all night, she gunracked her cellphone and ID and headed out to the club.
by SingularJeff January 26, 2009
A woman with attractive arms and breasts.
Wow, check out her gun rack!
by RFLJ May 09, 2009
A crazy woman.

The expression is taken from the film 'Wayne's World'. Lara Flynn Boyle's character presents Wayne with a Gun Rack as a birthday present because she is crazy. Therefore all crazy bitches are now just called "Gun Racks"
That girl scratched my back up real bad then broke in to my house and stole my underwear. She's a total gun rack.
by Bunzenjane November 27, 2014
A mentalist ex girlfriend
Shes such a gunrack!
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
A group of male stud's with Erect Penis's. Gun-rack's can be seen in abundance in Bukkake-themed pornography. (See also Gun and Bukkake).
"Charlotte's face lit up when she saw the Gun-rack in the porn movie".
by absolutejw January 23, 2010
A mentalist ex girlfriend
by Anonymous October 13, 2003

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