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The punishment doled out to convicted paedophiles in order to de-wrong their brains. (etymology: gun + punishment; source: Chris Morris, 2001)
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
1.Derived from a combination of the words punishment and the UK slang word "Gun" meaning to insult. Therefore, gunishment means to insult in a severe and punishing manner.
2. Featured in the "Paedogedden" episode of British satirical show "Brass Eye". Here gunishment means to punish with guns.
1. "your momma's so dumb, she had you!"
"Oh no!!! That's gunishment!!"

2. "Paedos don't need punishment, they need gunishment"
by Kay Dash Plus July 04, 2007
A mixture of gun and punishment, forming the type of punishment with the word punishment.
Man, these people dont just need punishment... they need gunishment
by jesus April 25, 2004
Common American schoolyard term for shooting people you do not like.
I'm mad at my teacher. It's time for GUNISHMENT.
by PiPPiLiNA November 07, 2002
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