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A person who likes a drum-roll as the gun goes off; a specialized weapon made from scraps of a drum; the big bang,boom theory; a new kind of drumstick; leg of a bird that looks like a gun.

A bossy,arrogant person; one who doesn't know the definition of the word "love" nor cares to; disorganized;creative;educated;user of people

MEN: uses women; over confident; selfish
WOMEN: meek supporter, strong willed, excellent cook
Hey! Does that Gundrum have volumn control?
Wow! I had no idea that Gundrum was made from scraps. Looks kind of stupid and bulky.

Get a glimpse at that bird with the weird legs..looks like it's going to go off any moment. Oh, it has Gundrums.
by Mrs. Know-it-all February 03, 2010
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