to fuck
"i'm tryin to gun"
"i'm gunnin her"
by bb June 24, 2004
A greeting from one friend to another

A hand sign on the rez for the size of your penis
What up gun?

see picture...
by Sally'smonkey December 01, 2004
Something that any old shlub in america can get by going to a gun show or thrift store.
Yo ill be back im gonna go get a gun
Dude, your twelve
by nego November 29, 2005
An instrument of death.
Machine pistol
Submachine gun
Assault rifle
Light machine gun
Heavy machine gun
Tank gun
Naval artillery
by Tronno July 19, 2005
a phallic, symbolic tool used to:
a: bust a mutha f--kin' cap
b: bust a nut in your/ his mutha f--kin' bitch
I rearranged his face with my gun.


I shot all over her face with my gun.
by Naughty Nurse July 03, 2003
something that is really good, exciting etc
this weekends gunna be so gun!

youve got the gunest body
by Lowen May 22, 2005
Used to kill someone, screw someone up, or use for fun. (If you run outta bullets, run and smash em.)
Counter-Strike B!tch.
by Hyuuga Neji November 26, 2004

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