To run a ridiculously long way for no apparent reason; reference to Forrest Gump's epic cross-nation jog.
runner- Gumped it again today, I've really got to stop doing that...
friend- uh oh, how far did you go this time?
runner- don't really know, twenty five, maybe thirty miles...
friend- why the hell would you do that?!
runner- every time I wanted to turn around, i just thought about how far I'd already run, and how if i went just a little farther, I'd get to... Next thing I know, I've covered miles and miles.
#running #distance #athletics #excercise #cross country #track and field
by waytoomainstream September 27, 2013
Top Definition
Ran really fast.
I seen the cops, so I gumped it
#forest #gump #gumpd #gump'ed #it
by LOLa Dylan October 12, 2008
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