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The one at Wi-fi league dot com that loves Sparky and negates it!
Hey GummyBearMafia! So i herd u liek Sparky?
by SolarAaron2 February 05, 2008
Someone who displays an obnoxious and rude behavior, yet can be nice at the same time. Abbreviated by GBM.
He is such a GummyBearMafia, I hope he gets what he deserves.
by Flaros January 20, 2008
A group of Artists in the college park area of Oakville Ontario Canada. The group operates on many levels such as a frat amongst college students and a corporate networking platform between young students, entrepreneurs, and artists looking to expand.
Have you heard about this group of people around the area called Gummy Bear Mafia?
by commander_nic March 06, 2015
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