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For someone who is trying to insult you, or is insulting you
buddy is always gummin away
by Cameron Piitz December 15, 2008
When a toothles old lady perfoms oral sex.
Joshs grandma has me cummin for some gummin!
by JJ March 25, 2005
1. Not coming or going; no direction; carefree
2. Hanging out with your homies; you're tight, together- gummin
1. "What are your plans for tonight baby?" "Ah, I just gonna be gummin, no plans"
2. Tonight my dawgs and i are just gonna gum out"
by kim and kathy June 13, 2003
Gum-in: When an elderly person is trying to digest a tough food, such as steak, without their denchers in.
Grandpa... stop gummin your food, it looks disgusting.
by Sylem November 30, 2003