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A girl who removes her false teeth before blowing you to due away with
any potential for teeth scrapage.
granny's are the best.
by Will, Dan, Emily @ the CC March 31, 2003
When you get your cock sucked by someone without any teeth. Through a gumjob, the person will attempt to munch on the head of the cock with their gums.
This person may have a)removed their teeth through dentures b)been a prostitute that has sold his/her teeth for drug money on the black market c)been a crack whore who has purposely chipped out his/her teeth in order to give a gumjob because it gives them pleasure.
"This mah-fuckin' crack whore gave me the best gumjob ever. That toothless bitch gnawed on my cock for hours!"
by Bossplaya February 16, 2005
A repair done with nothing but a wad of chewing gum or bubble gum
A- Oh, no! I broke my mother's priceless Ming Vase! She's gonna kill me!
B- *spits out a big blob of Trident* Make way, for I must perform a gumjob.
*Fixes vase while A watches, dumbfounded*
A- Wow, that was awesome! She'll never be able to tell I broke it! Thanks!
B-Don't thank me, thank the gumjob...
by Shawn B. August 01, 2003
To get a blow job by someone who no longer has teeth, thus gnawing on you're wanker with his or her gums.
1. Damn nigga, yo grandma spit out her false teeth and gave me a muh'fuckin gumjob!

2. Damn shasta, I was changin yo baby's diaper and I just maneuverd my thang into its teeny lil mouth and it sucked ma dilly like a pacifier!
by Dicky Hertz February 11, 2003
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