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1. A deranged, senile old woman who tends to visit her neighbors in her bathrobe, telling them to keep down the ruckus.

2. One whose piercing, squinty glazed-eyes haunt the dreams of those who meet her.

3. A verb meaning to "shush" or to "silence" someone.
"Dude, you just Gukined me in the library. That was fucked up."

"You can't Gukin me...it's only 7:30. PM."
by JLC03 February 08, 2010
1. To look older than one's age.

2. To look haggard.

3. Someone who has been sending cops on pointless house calls since 1867.
"Jesus girl, go put on some make-up....you look Gukin right now."
by JLC03 February 09, 2010