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To guess on every problem and only get 10% wrong.
Prologue - The only Greek member of the computer science community strolls into the class 7 minutes after the exam started. His shirt is torn, hanging loosely from one shoulder. Throw-up covers his slacks, to the knee-high region. With blood-shot eyes he slumbers down into the chair next to me. Letting out a long provocative groan, he begins his exam. After leaving the exam, this was my conversation

Dude - "Richie, how did you do on that exam?"

Richie - "Bruh, I guessed on every question."

Dude - "But didn't you get only 10% wrong?"

Richie - "Ya bruh, I guessimated that exam."

FYI Richie is the Greek Student
by Comp Sci Stranger November 04, 2010
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