Female grundle, the area between a females vagina and anus
"She had a hairy Gude.", or "Shut up gude face."
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
Top Definition
greeting formal origin. German (Pfungstadt). Synonym for hello, hi, etc.
Human1: "Gude, whats up?!"
Human2: "Hi, nice to see you"
by Ian G. Knop January 03, 2005
An awesome and amazing person
Wow, you're a real Gude
by Adgf2758 March 29, 2014
When somthing good happens you say this
You see somone trip and fall in mud
"Guuude, Gude"
by Thai Stix October 16, 2008
a combination between a girl and a dude
that thing or she man looks like a gude
by jon nourse March 19, 2005
The combination of gay and dude.
There sure are alot of gudes in Wrigleyville.
by mama c September 26, 2007
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