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(n) - 1) the greatest duck on the planet, the top of the food chain {destroys eagles, tigers, sealions, etc.}

2) the team that everyone wants to be a part of
Jerry: "I wish i was a guambo"
Sally: "me too they are the best"
by GUAMBOQUACKQUACK December 05, 2010
17 9
noun - gayness, retardedness, homoness
adjective - gay, retarded, homo, exhibiting qualities of a douche bag

Often used in a joking manner.
Everybody has an element of guambo.
Rosie O'Donnell is guambo.
by Webby December 24, 2004
16 26
Female Sex Organ, pussy
I'm going to the club to get some guambo.
by ChanMan December 09, 2003
8 29