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A Cuban from the country-side the lands, a mountain man, farmer.

Guajiro's are the back-bones of Cuba they harvest the tobbacco crops etc.

Guajiros take a roll playing music in Cuba; music is called "Son" sacred country music; Buena Vista Social Club plays that Cuban genre.
Oye guajiro digale a ese gallego que lo ricos se echan pa lao.

Hey "guajiro" tell that (Rich Spain Decendent Man) to move to the side.
by Erick Mendez November 12, 2004
1. (n) A peasant class or farming man or boy. A man or boy from the countryside of Cuba. (Cuban Slang)
2. (n) The people of the indiginous Amerindian ethnic group called the "Wayùu" in northern Colombia. (also spelled Wajiro/a)
1. Ey guajiro. Dimelo que te pasa. (Hey man whats up?)
2. The Guajiro boy stole your goat miss.
by Sean Kearney March 26, 2008