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(Pronounced: gr-oo-th.)
1) Shortened name for a 'Grass hoof', which is -of course- a form of natural camel toe, so large, it is infact a whole hoof.
Most gruth's are found in an around nature, when trees etc. warp into giant vaginal shapes. This also happens in earth and often overgrown rocks.
This typical hoof is surrounded by or covered with grass or wirey natural substances.
2) Thought to be named after 'Babe Ruth', a legendary baseball player. Some say, after every home run, Babe would use his strengthy right arm and bat the ground into a small dinted hill. This soon became known as a 'BABY GRUTH'.
Hiker1: Wow, this nature appears quite dull today, it's as if i've seen it all before!

Hiker2: Yes, yes. I feel you my brother. But in no sexual way, I give you my truthful word. This being said, my cheeky woodsman is becoming lonely and full of sorrow.
Hiker1: If only there were some form of female genatalia nearby.


Hiker2: My dear chap, i do believe we've found ourself a gift of gracious god. I yeild an erect weinus.


Hiker2: Why so silent homechild?
Hiker1: I.. I think i just triple'd my breifs.
Hiker2: SNM. xox
by LEZZA B March 14, 2011
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