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Nickname for a large VERY heavily muscled man, more likely a powerlifter or strongman than a bodybuilder. Usually used when the guy looks the part-- sweat-soaked T-shirt, lifting belt, chalk dust, etc. Calling a woman strength athlete "Gruntus" is usually an insult, so choose wisely.
GymRat: "I'm gonna do some deadlifts, got any chalk?"
Lifter: "Naah, go ask Gruntus over at the power rack."
GymRat: "No way, man, he looks like he'd snap me like a toothpick!"
#powerlifter #musclehead #brute #musclebeast #strongman
by DukeCityMuscle November 09, 2012
when you give a man or woman oral sex and sniff hard, and peubs go up your nose, and in your brain, and attack your cells and you get peubitus
Dude, i was licking my woman out last night, and i snorted really loud, and a pueb went up my nose and touched my brain, now i cant stop thinking about poodles masturbating, even thos dogs dont have the skeletal structure to do so."
"Dude your so sussed"
by Justin, Aimee, Cazz, Donna, Rach January 31, 2005
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