Musical genre 'Grunk'. Stands for Grunge Funk but not limited to just 2 genres. Limitless music.
Example 1:
"John Smith Quintet is the first 'Grunk' band"

Example 2:
"Lets play some Grunk"
by Jacob McDonald April 17, 2008
Top Definition
The combination of being grumpy and drunk - as epitomised by Colin Bacon during late night phone calls.

"Hello Colin Bacon, How are you?"
"All women are fucking evil, you're all evil and just fucking dreadful!..."
"Oh dear, are you Grunk again?"
by TeamAwesomeDjs October 23, 2008
(n) The name is the result of combining two types of cannibis, grape and skunk, into a hybrid.
"Wow, that grunk sure seems to damage motor skills and render even the alphabet a challenge."
by max barshled August 11, 2007
When a person gets so drunk that they switch sexual orientation until they are sober.
My gay friend Grant got grunk last night, and had a threesome with two big bosomed ladies of the night.
by BruceyBrew November 26, 2015
A straight person who has gay tendencies when they get drunk.
Acting gay when getting drunk. Example: "Did you see Greg the other night, he had a six pack of beer and he was acting like a Grunk!"
by Matthew Ivy September 28, 2013
The dirty, sad, decaying remnants of plowed snow mounds.
A week after the snow storm, Grunk littered the mall parking lot.
by Dutch2762 March 11, 2014
The amazingly new undiscovered musical orgasm to the ear, mind, body and soul known as grunge-funk
Example 1
"Dude what's this awesome music?"
"That my good chum is uncut dirty grunk!"

Example 2
"I think grunge is good and all but its so depressing"
"All you need my friend is a hot injection of groove... GRUNK IT UP!"
by Jack Pack June 15, 2007
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