A combination of Giddy and Drunk.
AFter 4 hours at the bar Im Grunk!
by Dianne and Michelle September 25, 2007
1.A stain that can't be identified in one's shower or toilet.
2. A large messy fudge dragon left in a clogged john.
1. "Jesus! What's that funky green grunk around the tub drain?"

2. "Damn, I just left the nastiest grunk in your porcelain thrown."
by Niffer and Shaun December 01, 2006
Grunk is defined as the shortening of the phrase 'grabbable chunk', when talking about lovehandles, or the part of your fat content that can be grabbed more than pinched.
Carmen's got alotta grunk in that trunk.
by Boz.Mind.Reflection.Fuck. July 01, 2006
Derived from the latin grunkinos and loosely translated into English meaning grubby junk.
After the heavy rain and driving through the country my vehicle was covered with grunk.
by Merriam-Wedster May 03, 2003
1.) Elderly people who are drunk beyond their limit. (Grandparent + Crunked)

2.) When you consume large enough quantities of alcohol that you enter a state where you fall and cant get up, need adult diapers, and have trouble getting an erection, much like a Grandparent.
Damn, I got grunk last night! I pissed my pants and couldnt get it up.
by B. Hurk February 18, 2009
The Act of drinking an energy drink and continuing to consume alcohol. Thus resulting in a a hyper intoxicate person.
Dude man after that red-line and colt 45 you are so grunk!
by Colin Poe April 13, 2008
the unstable and highly dangerous state of an out-of-control ginger - and therefore soulless - person under the influence of alcohol. The ginger's crotch actually burns more violently whilst 'grunk', resulting in uncontrollable sexual urges of which unconcious mingers are often victim.
Hodgo: "why the hell does that stupid ginger keep smelling his fingers?"
Darryl: "hes clearly grunk, didnt you see him drag that passed out whale off into the shadows?"

by bigredranga June 26, 2007

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