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A grullet is essentially, a greasy mullet. It may repulse, and is therefore to be used in a disgusted and/or frightened way.
uugh that guy's mullet is so greasy...I think that's what you call a grullet!
Holy s**t! I thought there was a monster on that guy's head...phew, it's only a grullet.
Not even white spirit could stop that grullet now, soon, that guy will BE a grullet!
by Jilbo Bagginz January 13, 2010
Quite simply, a 'greasy mullet'. This is the state hair gets in when you don't wash it for a couple of days, stand in smoky pubs, eat a few too many kebabs and finally dip your head in a last nights chip fat. A Gomper will often be found with hair such as this.
Once again, after a few nights worth of burning the candle at both ends, James's hair resembled a grullet.
by Skewy December 11, 2003
grandpa mullet
note: its often confused with drullet (dredlock mullet) so stay on your toes!
when i grow up i want to have a grullet and sit on my backporch and shoot rodents
by TaciturnSally October 05, 2005
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