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An urban colloquialism; usually subbed for words meaning stylish or enjoyable.
Dude that's so grubb.

I wish i could be as grubb as you.
by tyrueiwoqp October 20, 2009
Grubbs are normally funny, immature, crazy, but caring. they love to laugh, and play. Some are serious, but most let their playful side shine through. They are always up for a great laugh!
Those Grubbs are crazy, how could you get that big of a wedgie?
by Merwi July 22, 2010
Someone nice, cool, & sexy.
Damn, that Grubbs girl is fine.
by A.C.Grubbs (: January 16, 2011
to lie, embellish, exaggerate or bullshit about a subject in order to seem knowledgeable

also, to screw over
Man, you grubbed me into buying this piece of shit.
by discheivious(.)(.) October 17, 2010
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