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Too Get Older and Grow Up; Become Grown.
Too Grow; Or To Be Growing Fast or Slow.
I wanna be a peaceful man and just Grow up!
Yes, I hope too Get Married, and Grow Old!
by Russell Bartlett July 08, 2014

1. To get/make bigger.

2. To develop, spiritually and/or physically.

3. To plant and help along, be it a plant or a feeling.
1. How much baking soda does it take to cause this batter to grow by double it's present size when it's baked?

2. You are growing up to be a very weird dog, Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer. As for me, I'm staying preetty much da same, not maturing or really changing.

3. I grew these strawberries in my backyard. Whaddya think?
by Frogs McGee January 28, 2011
LeFrak city based underground rapper. Part of the duo Z. Row which also includes Zafir.
Z. Row is one of the most influential underground duo.
by zglfrkbshkrd April 26, 2005
Code for negros when you need to keep it on the DL.
Damn, you see all those grows?
by chode12 December 15, 2008
marijuana grown in water not dirt, see hydro.
lemme get a nickelbag of grow.
by No_doz February 25, 2005
Throwing sunflower seeds all over the freaking place.
ha i threw a sunflower seed on u, now GROW!!!!
by Jose Elstande November 21, 2004
some one who beats off at a friends house

someone whos on creatine and always cocky
NICK grow haha haha
by Jeffery c April 05, 2008