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A Groupie Hoe Is A Guy/Girl That Dates people from the same group of friends.
John-"hey wasnt she dating that one guy"
Bob-"nah they broke up, now she's with his best friend"
john-"whoa then after that itll be the rest of his friends lol groupie hoe "
by LightBrightMeTight January 15, 2011
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A person (usually of the female sex) who follows another person or group of people (of the opposite sex) all the time and performs sexual acts for them in order to be friends.
Damn, that girl gave me and all my soccer teammates head, she's a Groupie-Hoe.
by Blazin Bean January 02, 2004
21 9
A person (usually a female) that has atleast 80% of the artist/band's music before it actually comes out and knows 95% of they're lyrics. Sexual activities may also be included in the acts of a groupie but this is not required to be a groupie hoe.
Pretty self explanitory what a groupie hoe is.
by YungRell2626 April 16, 2009
5 16