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A Groupie Hoe Is A Guy/Girl That Dates people from the same group of friends.
John-"hey wasnt she dating that one guy"
Bob-"nah they broke up, now she's with his best friend"
john-"whoa then after that itll be the rest of his friends lol groupie hoe "
by LightBrightMeTight January 15, 2011
The opposite of killing two birds with one stone. When it takes you multiple tries or actions to complete a single objective.
I Had Two Vacuum The Stairs So I Tried doing It The Fast Way But I ended Up Having To Do It Again Because I Missed A Few Spots, It Took Me Two Stones To Kill A Bird.
by LightBrightMeTight March 22, 2011
A google relationship i s a relation where one or both of the people involved reference to google for their issues or problems such as a first kiss..
"Hmm ive never made out with someone before, what should i do?" searches making out on Google* "so i should just repeat lemon melon, this should help with my Google relationship. Thanks Google!!
by LightBrightMeTight January 29, 2011
A Fusion Of The Word "fuck" and "hilarious" used for an expression of something being extremely funny, a shorter version of "fucking hilarious".
Hahahaha! this dumb ass fell off his chair last period! it was sooo fuckalarious!
by LightBrightMeTight March 09, 2011
Acronym for "About To Fuck". Similar to DTF (Down To Fuck)
Omg this chick is alll over me! im sooo ATF
by LightBrightMeTight March 11, 2011
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