An ugly girl with a big mouth who tends immerse herself in group settings.
Mark: Who was that ugly chick back there who wouldn't shut her fucking face?
Jeff: That's Gina, man. She's a huge grouper.
by CiseJ May 25, 2009
Slang for a party involving lots of taboo and group sex.
those Rock dale county kids sure throw a mean grouper.
by JazzyMcFizzle July 10, 2011
Comes from the well known fish species assynidae - often used to describe someone in a non-complimentary fashion. He is a massive grouper - he is a large, fat, "fish" - derogatory term used especially in card games.
Chris Jarvis.
by M_O_U_L_D June 04, 2004
a grouper is one worse than a minger - a bare ugly person. Named after the grouper fish.
Oh man, forget a bulldog chewing a wasp... she's a grouper.
by Adam J February 05, 2004
The big fish who is now an uncle
grouper prefers to hit billy bong thorton.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003

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