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To fuck a woman from behind as she vomits in the toilet.
Guy 1: "I Gave that bitch the ground chuck"
Guy 2: "Whats That?"
Guy 1: " I Fucked her so hard she puked!"
by jester22151 May 14, 2009
1. a small woodland creature which is either of the groundhog or woodchuck family.
2. an alcoholic beverage in shot form with hot sauce and tequilla, the end result is often an upchuck.

1. to screwface or stare awkwardly at.
Did you see that little groundchuck by the river, he just groundchucked me.
by TJM123ABC August 06, 2008
SUPPOSEDLY a form of ground beef.
Ground Hog = Wood Chuck = Ground Chuck. Think about it!
by Michael Moore & Ethan Hunt July 22, 2006
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