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Dirty, miserable, filthy, disgusting and generally wrong. Combination of grotty and rotten - when one word is not enough to describe the skankiness.
"Oh man, I woke up sweating in a tent after a 24 hour drinking binge. I feel grotten"
by Lizzimon August 12, 2009
A mixture of 2 words 'Grotty' and 'Rotten'

The word used to describe one's feeling of being hungover after a night of heavy drinking, when all seems to be in a way that could have been, and perhaps should have been, but in fact all is in such a way of which it once was.

Can also describe how one feels if not washing for a while.

Often results in episodes of brain delay.
Ah man I feel absolutely grotten today.
by Ayup Allan February 03, 2015
Very good or pleasing. Superlative of Good.
It was grotten - It was very good.
She/He was/is grotten - She/He was/is very good fun.
by John Fitzgerald July 02, 2006
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