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-verb (used with or without object) -dled -dling

1. to kiss the back of one's spouse while simultaneously spooning and cuddling the spouse
Groodle me before we scadoodle.

Jerry loved Kelly groodling him unexpectedly.
by Aww sookie sookie now August 11, 2011
A rediculous looking breed of dog.

golden retriever crossed with poodle
John: what is that rediculous shaggy sheeplike dog?

Tom: it's a groodle, someone shoot it!
by Groodles suck November 04, 2012
A cannibalistic, overweight white woman.
I would go to Fran's house, but her new roomate is a groodle and I'd prefer not to be eaten today.
by grease May 21, 2006
A device that is worn by an "over used" woman to retain the vagina skin from excessivley sagging.
"ah that guy was too big for me last night, good thing i got this groodle otherwise my beefy curtains would have been all over the joint."
by STEAKPISTOL July 13, 2009
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